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Penn State Great Valley Student BlogWelcome to the first post of the Great Valley campus student blog. We are striving to create a forum for an exchange of ideas and to keep you updated on important developments of student life.

PSU Senate update:  On October 16, 2012, I attended another exciting gathering at State College. During the Planning Committee session we had an extensive conversation with James Broadhusrt, member of the Board of Trustees,  on the next round of the 5 Year Strategic Plan. In the Senate floor the main discussion was focused on whether or not to support the statement by a group of past chairs of the University Faculty Senate regarding the Freeh Report, NCAA Consent Decree, and their academic Implications. After a vote, the decision is to not endorse these statements. A link to the recorded session is a follows: http://live.libraries.psu.edu/Mediasite/Play/3dc8643ced314eae8f2d3b9ae21498bb1d?catalog=9516b47f-3e5d-447d-930c-dddf2820410f

I am glad to inform you that after voicing our concern of not consistently have the syllabus ahead of the course commencement; the faculty was very receptive to change. The issue was also raised at the Senate Caucus meeting and we are going to discuss a formal recommendation to change the University syllabus policy.

All the best, Carlos F. Gonzalez